June 20, 2017

Book chapters


Oil Discovery and Macroeconomic Management: The Recent Ghanaian Experience

with Mahamudu Bawumia in

Tony Addison and Alan Roe, eds., Extractive Industries: The Management of Resources as a Driver of Sustainable Development

Chapter 11.

Oxford University Press, 2018

The Economics of Sovereign Wealth Funds

with Rolando Ossowski in

Kirk Hamilton and Cameron Hepburn, eds., National Wealth: What is Missing and Why it Matters

Chapter 19.

Oxford University Press, 2017


Sovereign Wealth Fund Investments in the Home Economy

with Alan Gelb and Silvana Tordo  in

Malan Rietveld and Perrine Toledano, eds., The Frontiers of Sovereign Investment

Chapter 8.

Columbia University Press, 2017


Key Aspects of Fiscal Management in Resource-Rich Countries

with Rolando Ossowski  in

Alexander Huurdeman and Anastasiya Rozkhova, eds., Balancing Petroleum Policy: Toward Value, Sustainability, and Security

Chapter 6.

World Bank, 2019