June 20, 2017

Research papers


Governing Blended Finance: An Institutional Investor Perspective

with Adam Dixon, Ashby Monk, Soh Young In, and Rajiv Sharma

Stanford Global Projects Center Working Paper Series, November 2018


Oil Discovery and Macroeconomic Management: The Recent Ghanaian Experience 

with Mahamudu Bawumia
World Bank Policy Research Working Paper 8209, October 3, 2017

Also published as a WIDER Working Paper 2017/185



Strategic Investment Funds: Opportunities and Challenges 

with Michel Noël, Silvana Tordo, and Jacob Owens
World Bank Policy Research Working Paper 7851, October 5, 2016
Also published in



Do Resource-Rich Countries Suffer from a Lack of Fiscal Discipline?

with Michael Bleaney 
World Bank Policy Research Working Paper 7552, February 2016




Natural Resource Exports, Fiscal Policy Volatility, and Growth

with Michael Bleaney 
Scottish Journal of Political Economy Volume 61, Issue 5, November 2014

Working paper version



Sovereign Wealth Funds and Long-Term Development Finance

with Alan Gelb and Silvana Tordo 
World Bank Policy Research Working Paper 6776, February 12, 2014




Explaining the Procyclicality of Fiscal Policy in Developing Countries    

with Michael Bleaney 
Research Paper 11/09, Centre for Research in Economic Development and International
Trade (CREDIT), University of Nottingham, September 2011