Disrupting Multilateral Climate Finance. Project Syndicate

If the world is to avert climate calamity, multilateral finance institutions must begin looking to large institutional investors as their partners and clients. The creation of a new global climate finance facility, appropriately ring-fenced from current financing initiatives, could help.

2 thoughts on “Disrupting Multilateral Climate Finance. Project Syndicate

  • I agree to the points and arguments made in the paper. What I miss is emphasis on means to leverage local finance for low carbon infrastructure.; The exclusive emphasis on large scale international private instititutional finance makes the post lopsided in my opinion. I know of no country in the world which has succeeded in developing an efficient capital market by relying on foreign capital to provide the finance for infrastructure investment.
    Wolfgang Mostert

    • Thanks for this very good point, Wolfgang. In case you are not already aware of it, Nigeria’s InfraCredit is a very interesting example of a local currency guarantee facility in a developing country.

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